Cyber Security

Provide complete protection of the customer’s website and strengthen the security of the website at its third to seventh layers.

We effectively protect and mitigate various types of website attacks, from CC attack to DDoS attack traffic, to ensure that the website operates as usual.

For non-website services, we carry out strong infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and block DDoS attacks to ensure that our customers can operate smoothly.

Hacking methods are endless and ever-changing
DDoS attacks, APT attacks, spear attacks, blackmail attacks…
What kind of security services should we adopt to successfully defend against those attacks?

Network Infrastructure Security

In an enterprise that pays strict attention to trade secrets,
network infrastructure security not only ensures all employees a convenient communication environment,
but also safeguard the company’s information security.
The way of prevention is to implement security control mechanisms
steadily in every aspect.

Cyber Security Assessment

Analyze and understand the weaknesses of the company’s
internal system network equipment and hosts
– Fix potential information security issues and leaks
– Strengthen information security and assist companies in formulating and revising related security policies.

SOC Monitoring and Alerting Service

Be well aware of the real-time internal and external threats
through the security monitoring and alerting services
in order to respond to security incidents timely and minimize the harm.

Advanced Persistent Threat(APT) Protection

APT Protection can withstand various threats including zero-day attacks and advanced targeted attacks, thereby protecting your business from advanced threats. Speed and efficiency are far

Network Infrastructure Security

Self-built SOC platform, Firewall, Intrusion Protection, Anti-virus System Construction and Maintenance

Next-Generation Firewall(NGFW)

● Advanced security services and extensible functions
● Higher Connections Per Second
● High-performance encrypted traffic
● Automatic verification of applications and network complexity reduction

Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)

● Effectively block the intrusion of hosts, networks and applications
● Real-time detection and active defense

Anti-DDoS protection

● Provide DDoS protection plan consultation and planning
● Flexible deployment
● Arrangement of scrubbing center in Asia Pacific
● Real-time technical support and monitoring
● Immediately respond to various types of DDoS attacks

Cyber Security Assessment

Assessment Process

SOC monitoring and alerting service

Provide monthly report of incident analysis
Including on-site report and suggestions presented by the information security manager

Advanced Persistent Threat(APT) Protection

Encountered an unexpected restart but was unable to find any problems?
Faced with sensitive information being stolen but was unable to get hold of the situation?
It is time to list out these security issues and solve them one by one!

24/7 collection of endpoint behaviors

Implant sensors at the endpoint, and continuously collect behaviors and activities on the operating system through the sensor

Artificial Intelligence System to Aid Diagnosis

The artificial intelligence system detects and analyzes the collected behaviors and procedures

Analysis of Security Consultant Team

The security consultant team conducts the second stage analysis and confirmation to find out the source of intrusion, related malware and hacking.

Respond To and Deal With Related Threats

Once malicious software and behavior are verified, online and cloud methods will be applied to deal with the security incidents.