Established in 2014, HANSTECH mainly focused on IDC infrastructure operation and maintenance, providing leased lines and services including public & private cloud integration service as well as security consulting and defense & attack mitigation solutions.

Our current service area covers important locations in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Our clients range from e-commerce and game industry to digital media providers and telecom companies.

Our core advantage is to provide the best integration solution according to customer needs. With our 24/7 online services from highly-skilled senior engineers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Manila, we have gained sufficient trust from our customers and become one of the indispensable cooperation partners in the operation systems.

Our Philosophy

HANSTECH has been dedicated in becoming the best multinational IT operation partners with our clients.
With the comprehensive coverage of operation services provided by our outstanding engineering team,
We offer the best technical support of your choice
providing customized solutions, including services form design and construction
to subsequent operation and maintenance services.

We value talents and regard every employee as the company’s most important partner.
We offer higher salaries compared with other companies in the same industry.
We provide inclusive benefits and education training in the workplace.
Our motto is to let our employees grow along with the company,
providing top-notch technology to customers and making progress and sustainable growth together.


Custom framework and professional technical support are the core competence of HANSTECH.

Close collaboration with our partners:
We provide threat defense, major public-cloud-service interface, and 24/7 monitoring and technical team support.

Real-time response and problem solving interface in Chinese and English,
Offering the most comprehensive, diverse, and immediate technical support.


Customized core architecture planning and advice.

Transnational infrastructure and customized services based on industry characteristics.

Excellent technical team

Highly-skilled senior engineer team with more than 15 years of experience in industries including gaming, banking, manufacturing, etc.

24/7 timely response

Communicate and solve problems online anytime and anywhere.

Extensive and rapid network construction in major Asian cities.

High-quality, low-latency leased lines and various direct services.